I'm Christine, the founder of BusyBodies Workplace Massage.

I've always been passionate about wellbeing and love the immediate impact a massage has on how a person feels, physically and mentally. When I started out back in 2014, I would go into offices in London with my massage chair and spend the day transforming how people were feeling. I always felt I couldn’t reach enough people and decided there needed to be more than one of me, so the idea of BusyBodies Workplace Massage was born!

We now have a team of people who work across London providing massage services to companies in their offices and other workplaces, at away days and corporate events. We pride ourselves on the fact that our treatments don’t just focus on the physical side of massage but also on providing a mental boost which lasts long after the treatment ends.

It takes just 20 minutes of an employee’s time, and they will return to their desk feeling mentally refreshed, physically rejuvenated and with a sense of being valued.

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BusyBodies philosophy is firmly one of 'prevention is better than a cure' and a number of different massage techniques are applied using this philosophy. BusyBodies can also offer post-massage care and advice on easy and effective techniques office workers can introduce into their daily lives to manage stress keep themselves happy and healthy.

BusyBodies philosophy is based on the fact that massage therapy has a very important role to play in healing, but also plays an equally important role in maintaining good muscle movement and preventing tension build up – something that causes high levels of discomfort and dissatisfaction for office-workers.

Many of BusyBodies regular clients have reported significant reductions in pain and stiffness since their employer introduced a regular massage routine into their workplace. The fact is that in a time when people are leading extremely busy lives, with less and less free time, many of our clients who now enjoy the benefits of a regular therapeutic massage, have only been able to do so because they can have it whilst at work!

More companies are now becoming aware of how important staff well-being is for productivity and are taking steps to help their workforce achieve a balance in their lives.

Offering onsite workplace massage is a very popular, fuss-free and highly cost-effective way for employers to make a real difference to the well-being of their staff.