"BusyBodies in-office massages has been a fantastic regular addition to our employee benefits, as a CEO I'm always looking for ways to motivate and improve the mental wellbeing of my staff and Christine has been a fantastic help in particular. - Pete Reis-Campbell, CEO at Kaizen

"I really enjoy my massages with Christine, she is an excellent masseuse, friendly and good to chat to or happy to be silent! I always look forward to coming to work when I know I have a massage and I leave work happier and feeling more healthy" - Adam K., Save the Children

"Having the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Christine to melt away the tensions, aches and pains in a quiet and calm environment is pure bliss. Especially, being a busy working mum with very limited ‘me time’ having access to a workplace massage is a very good work incentive that is value for money and value for time! And Christine does an amazing job ????" - Shanika, Save the Children

"I am an office based worker and spend the majority of my time sitting at a desk using a computer. Regular massages from Christine have helped alleviate the postural issues and RSI related wrist pains I was experiencing. They have also allowed me to ‘get a little me time’ and act as an oasis of calm during stressful times" - Andrew, Save the Children

"Really appreciate having a massage on work premises, a chance to unwind during a busy day and return to work refreshed and re-energised. I strongly recommend this service." - Judy, Save the Children

"Christine is a fantastic masseuse - friendly and warm as well as professional. A brilliant stress-busting highlight of my week which leaves me relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of my day" - Mary G,Save the Children

"I love the opportunity of being able to have a massage from Christine whilst at work. It’s a great way help my stress levels and take a break from my computer! I always feel reinvigorated afterwards!" - Julie, Save the Children

"I’ve had several massages from Christine. They are great for relieving tension, whether tension created by a difficult day at work or just sitting at a desk all day – and how amazing to be able to have such a professional massage right in your workplace!" - Philippa, Save the Children

"I had been suffering for days with a pain in my shoulder/neck. I had a massage with Christine yesterday which was brilliant and by the afternoon I was no longer in pain. Will definitely book again as it has eased it so much. Great value for money and a lovely person to deal with. Would greatly recommend to anyone who wants a massage even if you don't have any pain - it was enjoyable. Thank you so much Christine. See you again soon." - Tracy, CoreHR

"I booked a 20 minute massage with Christine but it felt much longer. My mind fully switched off. My shoulders and neck feel a lot looser today. She finished with an Indian head massage and worked on my arms and wrists too. I slept so well last night, would 100% recommend, especially as we spend so much time hunched over a desk." - Kate, Kings College, Waterloo

"I just wanted to reiterate how good Christine's massages are to everyone thinking of having one. She really gets into all the knots and tense bits. Highly recommended." - Michelle Y Kings College, Waterloo

"I really enjoyed my massage on Monday. I felt a bit sore down my back yesterday just from where everything had been manipulated but it has made a world of difference! Despite the fact today and tomorrow is packed full of strategy meetings, I am feeling relaxed!! So thank you – much appreciated. Nadine L, Guys Hospital

"Christine was really friendly at the beginning and end of the massage. The massage itself was lovely, and made me feel very relaxed afterwards. Thoroughly recommend to anyone." - Yan, Kings College, Waterloo

"Thank you Christine, for the amazing gift of providing wellbeing massages to quite a few of us within the Admissions Office, after the stressful confirmation and clearing period we've just been through! I had one earlier today and I am still feeling the tranquil and relieved effects from it now, sat back at my desk. Anyone thinking how lovely a massage could be, but haven't yet signed up, I urge you to do so below! Even a 10-minute massage has made a huge difference to my day :)" - Carol, Kings College, Waterloo


"I just wanted to reiterate how good Christine's massages are to everyone. She really gets into all the knots and tense bits.  I booked a 20 minute massage and it felt much longer, my mind fully switched off. My shoulders and neck feel a lot looser today. She finished wiht an indian head massage and worked on my arms and hands. Would 100% recommend, especially if you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk." - Kate H, Kings College, Waterloo

"I saw Christine yesterday as I had a terrible neck ache. She sorted it out and I feel so much better today. No need to take any ibuprofen anymore! Thanks SO much Christine 🙂 Will certainly see you again soon." - Sheronlyn B. Kings College, Waterloo

"I had the most amazing massage this afternoon over at the King’s Sports gym on Stamford Street. Christine is brilliant and I had a thoroughly relaxing massage, neck, back, head and arms - I'd definitely highly recommend it and definitely consider it an essential part of my wellbeing." - Denise R, Kings College Waterloo

"A fantastic massage, leaving me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I regularly see Christine and find it very helpful for tight shoulders & neck, which have significantly improved with massage & some additional exercises. A great value service, I would highly recommend." - Sarah G, Kings College Waterloo

"Just had a fab massage, good strong hands, Christine has been doing this for years and is very experienced. I would highly recommend." - Elka G, Kings College, Denmark Hill

"Great massage, really helped with the tightness in my shoulders. I'll definitely be back!" - Bethany S, Kings College Waterloo

"Thanks Christine for a lovely massage yesterday. It was great to pop in after work (almost) and before a night out for a bit of chill out time!" - Sarah G, Kings College, Waterloo

"Loved the massage today - welcome break from work, especially welcome it being a Monday????‍♂️ THANK YOU!" - Haz Y, Kings College, Bush House

"I had a really lovely massage yesterday, and will absolutely be a repeat customer. Thanks, Christine!" - Louise B, Kings College, Bush House

"Christine, thanks for the lovely massage, I really enjoyed it!" - Janine, Kings College, Waterloo

"It's great that we have this at work - so convenient and easy 🙂 Christine is brilliant and always makes me feel at ease." - Oliver G, Kings College Waterloo

"Many thanks, Christine. Very professional, very thorough and the environment makes it perfect for both physical and mental well-being." - Rachel G, Kings College Waterloo

"This is a fantastic service to have at work, very convenient and great value - I would highly recommend." - Thomas M, Kings College, Waterloo

"Great massage; highly recommended. Thanks Christine!" - John K, Kings College Waterloo

"Great massage by an experienced professional, highly recommended." - Toni F, Kings College Bush House

"Amazing massage! really helped with tension in my back. I will definitely be booking another, thanks Christine!" - Sheena C, Kings College Waterloo

"I'd definitely recommend having a massage with Christine, it's very in-depth and through, when I left I felt like a huge tension had been lifted off my shoulders!" - Hannah, Kings College, Denmark Hill

"We have recently started having workplace massage at our office.  It has made a huge difference to morale.  The massage is great for easing pain and tension caused by sitting at a desk, as well as making us feel lighter and in a better mood.  I would highly recommend this service for any office."Anita L. British Council

"Incredible service from a fantastic company - BusyBodies have totally transformed our attitude at work as everyone is feeling more valued and have something great to look forward to!"Francesca, British Council