Why The Boss Loves Us

  • Workplace massage can help reduce absenteeism rates, both short and long term. Our quick chair massages promote the immune system and so reduce the amount of coughs, colds and other short term illness.
  • There is also a reduction in repetitive strain injury and musculoskeletal pain, both major contributors to long term absenteeism
  • The team atmosphere is improved due to the reduction in stress levels, an increase in endorphins as well as a general feeling of well-being felt by individual employees
  • The service is an excellent and affordable employee perk with the added bonus of promoting good health. It also clearly demonstrates your commitment to your employees well being.


  • Staff love on site massage.
  • Employees feel valued and rewarded. Simply offering our quick chair massage can create an enormous level of good will
  • We are flexible in terms of availability and hours, number of therapists, payment methods, work areas and office policies. Our therapists do their utmost not to disrupt the regular working day while still bringing relaxation and injecting a little zest to the office
  • Our therapists are top notch, we are fully insured, our online booking system makes the organisation straightforward. We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients have a completely stress free and enjoyable experience and are completely happy with our work.

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