Why you should choose BusyBodies?

Because we are fabulous of course 🙂

We do offer a brilliant massage which can be seen from our client feedback - many of our clients are people who have LOTS of massages in different hotels, spas and overseas, so our client base know what a great massage is!

BusyBodies massage is among the best, if not the best in London, but much better value!

BusyBodies provides a very personalised service and we tailor each massage to your individual needs

We offer flexible service - massages can be very short or longer depending on requirements.

BusyBodies can travel all over London with all necessary equipment and deliver well-being days to your staff without causing disruption to your working day.

Chair Massage

Our Japanese Shiatsu chair massage is performed through the clothes and without oil, a fuss-free massage that uses muscle manipulation and shiatsu pressure points to alleviate muscle tension, stress, to correct internal malfunctions and promote and maintain good health.

The techniques used in shiatsu include stretching, holding, and most commonly, leaning body weight into various points along key channels.

How you'll feel

This massage will leave you feeling looser, lighter and more balanced than before!

Whether you need help with stress, anxiety, mood enhancement or clarity and focus, our chair massage is guaranteed to leave the recipient completely refreshed and ready to take on any challenge.

London office massage

Who Do You Serve?

BusyBodies corporate massage london

Anyone in the workplace who either currently suffers from some kind of stiffness, muscle-injury, neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as RSI and carpal tunnel symptoms.

Massage used to be considered an indulgence, but it's now recognised as a legitimate therapy for many conditions, and is widely considered to be one of the best and most affordable preventative treatments to keep yourself in good shape, mentally and physically.

How it works

1. A BusyBodies therapist comes to your office with all the necessary equipment, including the massage chair(s).

2. All BusyBodies needs is an area to set up the massage chair(s) with enough space to move freely around the chair.

3. You can book BusyBodies for a half-day or a full-day, for multiple days in a month, or on any basis you require.

4. To make a booking simply complete the form and we will call you back to confirm and answer any questions.

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